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Six Types of Sex Crimes in California

The nature and severity of different kinds of sex crimes in California varies with the individual crime, but every charge of a sex offense is a very serious one. In addition to jail time, conviction often requires registration as a sex offender for at least 10 years or up to for your entire life. And,…
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Cyber Bullying Laws in California

Cyber bullying is frequently in the headlines these days. Young people being harassed in social media, sometimes with tragic results. Tech companies being urged by physicians and policy makers to come up with methods to ensure children are safe from bullying while online. And, research reports that reveal statistics on bullying in schools. We tend…
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License Plate Readers in Orange County

Police cars, malls, street lights, overpasses, and signs all over Orange County are equipped with license plate readers, recording billions of car trips in and around the county each year. These devices are known as automatic license plate recorders or ALPRs. You may also hear them referred to as AVI (Automatic Vehicle Identification) LPR (License…
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Five Podcasts for Fans of True Crime

This post is a little summer sidebar. If you’ve spent your spare time reading every book you can about mysteries, murders, messed-up investigations or mayhem, perhaps it’s time to look to a podcast or two so you can multitask while you are indulging in your crime story passion. Crime podcasts have exploded wherever you listen…
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What is Predictive Policing?

Recent news stories about Orange County Sheriff and Los Angeles PD are using techniques to “stop crime before it happens” has people asking about the tech wonder known as predictive policing: what is it, how is it being used in California and what it means for criminal investigations. Let’s take a look. Predictive policing may…
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Juvenile Probation: Getting It Right

Each year nearly 400,000 youth find themselves within the juvenile justice system. While juvenile arrests and detentions are trending downward, California’s rate of juvenile arrest and detention exceed those overall in the U.S. More than 86,000 juveniles are arrested in California each year. Transforming Juvenile Probation: Getting It Right A new report from the Annie…
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What to Do If You Are Served With A Search Warrant

A search warrant allows law enforcement to search you, your home or your business. Search warrants can be issued for a person, a residence, a business or almost any other type of location, such as a car, yard or outbuilding. No one is prepared for an onslaught of police officers showing up at your home…
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Fighting a Restraining Order

If you have been served a restraining order in Orange County, you have legal rights and options to fight the restraining order and the allegations against you, and to present your side of the story. Restraining orders, also called protective orders, can be unfairly or not legally issued, or you may be falsely accused of…
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Drug Possession in California

Drug possession charges in California have gone through some major changes.  Recent California state laws have reclassified possession of many controlled substances to misdemeanors and have decriminalized others altogether. Even though many possession offenses are now considered a misdemeanor instead of a felony, a misdemeanor drug possession conviction can impact your life and opportunities. An…
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Sex Offender Registry Laws Changing In California

Up until a few months ago, California was one of only four states that required lifetime sex offender registration for all sex offenders. The state has amassed over 100,000 names on that list, the vast majority of which involve low-level misdemeanor or nonviolent felony convictions. A new law will give most sex offenders a way…
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