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Types of Evidence in Criminal Cases

A post here earlier this month reported on an audit in the Orange County Sheriff’s Department about evidence in criminal cases being improperly booked as evidence. A second audit has reportedly found that in 57 cases sheriff’s deputies had not booked evidence in criminal cases, even though they reported that they had done so. The…
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Police Conduct Reports in California

Three dozen news outlets across California collaborated on an investigative research project that resulted in the publishing a series of local news articles about “criminal cops;” police officers who have been convicted of crimes. The reports have stirred up controversy in the state capital, in police unions and among prosecutors and the public. Some legislators…
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New Propositions That Could Undo Some Pending California Justice Reforms

Two propositions have qualified for the 2020 ballot in California, both of which aim to undo certain provisions of recently passed criminal justice reform laws. One proposition seeks to undo provisions of Propositions 47 and 57 as well as AB 109, all of which were aimed at reducing the prison population. The other seeks to…
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White Collar Crime Podcasts: Five You Should Try

As the long days of summer disappear, your commute seems just a little longer in the dark, and the mood shifts toward home-body, I’ll suggest adding some white-collar crime podcasts to your listening habits. If you aren’t a podcast listener, maybe these will convert you into one. There are podcasts out there that are every…
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Deadly Force Law in California

A new law signed by Governor Newsom last Monday strengthens the standard by which police can use deadly force in California. The new guidelines are among the toughest, if not the toughest, in the country. Governor Newsom and advocates believe this law may become a model for police deadly force standards nationwide. The law significantly…
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Restorative Justice Program for Crime Offenders in California

With the new California state budget, the legislature allocated $5 million to fund an experimental “restorative justice” reform initiative. The criminal justice pilot program will be implemented in San Joaquin County over five years. San Joaquin is a logical choice as it has had a restorative justice program in place for more than 3 years,…
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