This guy is the best! Make your life easier and hire this man.
–Kenneth T. 2023

I retained David for a past incident I had from a few years back. He settled it in court with the best possible outcome I could have imagined. He was always in constant communication and relayed all the details of what was going on in court in regards to my case. He was fully transparent and we would often have discussions of the best possible ways to attack and move forth with the case. Due to these positive interactions with David, I have continued to use him for other cases and will continue to use him in the future. He is very analytical, friendly and handled everything I presented to him meticulously.   Thank you for all of your hard work and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to represent me, David! You’re an All-Star.

–Jay G. 2023

I am beyond happy and certainly very fortunate to come across Mr. David A. Stein for he has to be the best lawyer I have worked with. I have had other instances where I have had legal help and have been let down. My experience with Mr. Stein was so amazing, knowledgeable, truthful, honest, and communicative. To see someone in action in the court with so much passion, firm speaker, aggressive at the appropriate times. I would have never of thought that laws in the early 1900’s would be relevant with my case! To say the least if you want a lawyer who fights for you with so much passion and so much attention to every single micro detail look no further!! THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN MR. STEIN!!

I hope this review can help individuals, take a look at Mr. Stein as the amazing lawyer he is. I definitely will refer every single person I know!

–Oscar F. 2022

I had the pleasure to work with my attorney David stein he made the whole process easy to understand and gave me comfort about my case he got me a great deal in a very timely manner and everything went smoothly now I can move on with my life because of the help of David I couldn’t be more grateful and would recommend his services to anyone In need of it

–Zaine P. 2022

Couldn’t speak more highly of David and his firm. They were able to help a family member out when going through a difficult situation. He was responsive, attentive and very knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend his services.

–Carlos M. 2022

I was in need of legal services and David A. Stein helped me get the desired outcome. I highly recommend this firm.

–Brian W.  2022

David was professional courteous and handled my case fast. I was not just a number to him he got to know me and represented me as a real person and that makes all the difference in court. Don’t settle for a “mill minded” firm get proper representation.

–John H.  2022


I had retained David’s service after I made a mistake that almost jeopardized my career. David was sympathetic to my situation. He was confident and knowledgeable about the law and quickly developed an appropriate plan. His quick work and familiarity with the judicial system resulted in my case being DISMISSED! I was astounded! I am appreciative and would highly recommend his service to anyone.

–Phuc T.  2022 

The right lawyer for me

I was going through an extremely difficult time in my life dealing with a DVRO case that did not show both sides of the story. My sister got into contact with David and referred me to him. Immediately after our first phone call I knew he was the right lawyer for me, someone who will listen and guide me through every step of the process. He is extremely knowledgeable and every single one of his strategies/recommendations helped me and resulted in getting my case getting settled without consequence and now I can move on with my life, all thanks to David. David is truly a lawyer who will fight for you until the very end, and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs strong lawful defense. Thank you, David, I am forever grateful for your hard work!

–Luis C.  2022

Highly and warmly recommend !

David saved me in a DUI case. He was very professional and I couldn’t have asked for any better.
We will continue to use his services for other issues. He knows exactly what to do, probably the best in the business.

–Shachar N.  2022

Highly recommend!

I am very fortunate to have been represented by Attorney David Stein. I was dealing with a situation that I’ve never experienced before and was feeling highly anxious as a result. It was all so foreign to me. However, after my first conversation with David, I quickly felt at ease. Just minutes into our phone call, it was clear that he is different than any other attorney that I had spoken to. He actually cares and will do right by you.

David Stein’s compassion, honesty, and knowledge truly set him apart from the rest. He made it a point to be available to talk whenever I needed to discuss my case, and replied to my emails almost instantly. He listens well, explains well, and ensures I am on board with what is going on each step of the way. He will not leave you behind. He genuinely enjoys what he does, and it shows.

Bushra S.  2022

THIS lawyer is YOUR lawyer

I had to retain an attorney for a situation that was beyond my control. In first speaking with Mr. Stein, I found his compassion and understanding to be beyond measure. In working with him, his integrity, persistence and ethics are without a doubt, SUPERIOR. He never gave up in seeking the best for me, believing in my case, and always following through. I hope I never have to retain the services of an attorney ever again, but it goes beyond saying that THIS lawyer is YOUR lawyer.

–Erica and Carlo M.  2022

Mission to Win My Case

David made it his mission to win my case! I’ve contacted many lawyers and none felt comfortable to take my case and I almost gave up. I was so distraught for months over a dishonest restraining order and David made my brother and I feel confident that everything will be okay. He was very knowledgeable and honest during this whole process. I recommend him 1000 % THANK YOU SO MUCH DAVID. You have no idea how much your hard work meant to me. I am forever grateful for you.

–VM  2021


Wow where to begin! David was great to work with given the situation we were dealing with, he gave us peace of mind with a solid game plan. He was amazing at noting details down and using every single bit of information for his overall strategy. #TeamDavidStein

–Christian M.  2021

Had a wonderful experience. David helped me through an extremely challenging and emotionally draining experience. He made the situation go smoother than I could have hoped and got the result I needed to move forward with my life. Extremely personable and very professional with a mind that is all about tactics and results.

I highly recommend contacting David if you need something in his specialty.

–D Fisher  2021

Earned my explicit trust!

I had to retain an attorney for a situation that was beyond my control. In first speaking with Mr. Stein, I found his compassion and understanding to be beyond measure. In working with him, his integrity, persistence and ethics are without a doubt, SUPERIOR. He never gave up in seeking the best for me, believing in my case, and always following through. I hope I never have to retain the services of an attorney ever again, but it goes beyond saying that THIS lawyer is YOUR lawyer.



I talked with a few attorneys but was not comfortable with them until I talked with David. He is very personable and listened to my case, a restraining order and made me feel a little less stressed after talking with him, that we would win. (You never know though). David was very responsive by phone or text and answered any questions I had. He also kept in contact about what was going on in preparation for the case. We did WIN and after, David said “I did set an all-time record for having the most objections in a row sustained against the opposing side, so that’s something new!” He really cares and is a Great Attorney, Thank You Again David A. Stein!

–Rodger G.  2021

There are not enough kind words to describe the experience I had with David as my attorney. I unfortunately had some bad luck with previous attorneys and David was able to jump right in and get everything in order. Aside from being a kind, professional, and very responsive person, he truly makes you feel like your life matters. He was able to get me the best outcome possible and I am very grateful. Thank you David!

–A Garcia  2021

I was very impressed with David Stein professionalism and integrity . He helped my family and I through a stressful situation. David was extremely knowledgeable, communicative and brought ease to us throughout the entire process. He was extremely helpful in explaining our legal rights and all the steps needed. He was successful in a resolving our case and we won! l highly recommend David Stein , he is a great lawyer!

–Michelle D.  2021

How do I start writing a review I truly can not say or express enough of the gratitude I feel towards the help David has brought to a very difficult and healing time in my life. Fought for me in a way that helped in the journey of changing my life. Listened to my concerns and guided me step by step thru the whole case. Was honest and made me feel I was placing my destiny in the hands of someone who truly had my best interest. Stop looking everyone and trust me this is the person you want on your team. Thank you David I know I keep saying this but you truly are an amazing person and lawyer.

–Laura Z.  2021

After speaking with David Stein, I felt so confident that I had found a lawyer. I knew he would help me WIN my case.

I was served with a restraining order from one of my neighbors from hell. This person completely fabricated everything he put down on his restraining order. David was quick to point out all of the inconsistencies in his declaration against me. Thanks to David Steins experience, I was able to defend myself against my accuser. Even better, David Stein was able to prove all of my accusations false, the judge declared them all impeached (something I hear is rarely issued by any judge).

Now that my case is over, I plan on staying in touch with David. He is a great lawyer that I now consider a friend. I can’t stop saying great things about David Stein. He is the best!

–Guillermo D.  2021

I retained David Stein after my attorney suddenly passed away, and knowing that he was directly involved with my case, since he worked in the same office with my attorney, I felt very confident going in. However, what I discovered during the course of my lengthy case, is that Mr. Stein’s integrity, persistence and ethics are unmatched. He never gave up in seeking the best for me, believing in my case, and always following through. I never would wish any criminal situation on anyone, but If you need legal representation, Mr David Stein is the best. I felt the same about my previous attorney, and now I know why they worked so well together, and I would recommend his services to anyone in need.

–CD Cox  2021

The Law Offices of David A. Stein provide superb assistance in any legal matters. The work is extremely comprehensive, thorough expertise in the specific matter is provided at every step of the process. as well as recommend guidance, and most importantly detailed communication with the client provides assurance and allows to build trust during legally difficult times. I had David and his team personally assist me in an unfortunate matter and would highly recommend his services, as the outcome of the particular case over exceeded my expectations.

–Kinga R.  2021

I am so glad that I found David to represent me in a restraining order case against me. I was extremely worried that I could have something like this on my permanent record, but David worked hard to get the best possible results. He always kept me up to date with every part of my case and was very responsive.

He was able to answer any questions I had and I could tell he really cared about his clients. David was able to work out a settlement with the opposite party and prevented the case from going to trial. Thank you David!

Evan B.  2021

Hiring David Stein as our attorney was the best decision I ever made. A few months ago, I had a restraining order filed against me. It was filed maliciously and it contained 24 false accusations.

I was truly shocked! I felt lost and hopeless and I didn’t know what to do, so I started to call several attorneys to try to get advice and representation, and after interviewing a few attorneys I finally found David Stein.

Immediately after speaking with him, I knew he was the right attorney for me; he took the time to listen, never once made me feel uncomfortable to ask any questions, and truly treated me with the respect and compassion I needed in such a difficult time.

I have never known another attorney who works as hard for his clients as David Stein does. And unlike so many attorneys I spoke with, he was always available, easy to call, and he really valued what I had to say.

Perhaps the best thing I can say about David Stein is that he isn’t just an amazing attorney ― he legitimately cares about the lives of his clients. He treated my husband and me like family and he stopped at nothing to get us the results we deserved. Not only did David Stein beat every single one of the 24 claims made against me, but he even got the other side to pay my attorney fees!

For these reasons and more, if ever need an attorney again, he is the attorney I will go to for the rest of my life.

–Gabrielle M.

I made the best selection to hire Attorney David A. Stein with so many attorneys to choose. I was caught up in a very unfortunate situation where the DA and the police agency were so aggressively trying to convict me. Mr. Stein took quick action on my behalf by filing motions after motions and methodically argued to reduce the charges and finally get my case dismissed. Mr. Stein is professional, honest, and a great value for your hard-earned money. If you want the best outcome for your case or situation, hire Attorney Stein to fight for you and win your case.


David is one of a kind attorney. We could’ve no been more grateful for all of his hard work and his time invested helping a family member.  He is the most kind and intelligent attorney we ever known but most importantly he worked so hard all these way until the end and thanks to him we have a very favorable outcome.

–Marcelo Q.

He got back to me right away &was genuinely invested &open to hearing how I felt about my situation, instead of focusing on just making money. There’s not many people in this world jumping to help others, without expecting anything in return, let alone lawyers. Five stars.

–Justine T.

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