Probation Violation Attorney

Probation Violation Attorney

In California, there are several common restrictions for people on probation. These rules, defined in probation stipulations, can result in added probation requirements or even jail time. This is true even if the violation was not criminal in nature.

The consequences involved are devised to match the gravity of probation violations. While your attorney will usually arrange probation stipulations that you can successfully manage, there may still be poorly-negotiated terms or misunderstandings that lead to allegations of a probation violation. If this happens to you, keep calm and contact a lawyer immediately to understand which violations you are accused of committing and how to move forward.

Common probation violations

Probation violationProbation stipulations will vary from person to person and often have to do with the nature of the initial crime. However, there are some common rules that people on probation are mandated to adhere to. First, all felony level probationers must meet regularly with a probation officer who is responsible for supervising their term. In many cases, this officer will be the one determining whether a probation violation has occurred.

Most probation agreements include employment requirements, curfews, and avoiding contact with any victims or co-defendants. Probationers may also be expected to avoid contact with any convicted felons, whether or not they are included in the same criminal case.

Additional probation rules might mandate random drug testing or some form of restitution for the victims, such as payment of court fines and fees. You may be required to attend certain courses or programs to build the necessary skills to prevent future criminal activity. The conditions of your probation should be clearly outlined by a judge and explained by your lawyer, and violations of those conditions will result in legal consequences.

What you can do

If you are facing allegations of breaking probation, you need to hire a probation violation attorney immediately. Without the support of an experienced lawyer, you could end up serving up to three years in county jail, or even serving the full legal sentence for the initial crime. But with the help of a competent attorney, you can minimize the potential consequences of the violation.

If you need an attorney to support you in a probation revocation hearing, the Law Office of David A. Stein can help. Our team has experience across Orange County, California with everything from probation violations to fighting a restraining order. Contact us today for a consultation to determine your next steps.

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