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Identity theft is one of the most common type of white-collar crime in Southern California. It is a kind of fraud that uses another individual’s personal information, such as his name, credit card number, Social Security number, or driver’s license number, without permission, for financial gain or to commit a crime.

Identity theft is on the rise, and has evolved into complex schemes affecting millions of people. Because of this, prosecution of identity thieves tends to be very aggressive, and the potential penalties are increasingly severe.

Identity theft is a crime under both state and federal laws. Forms of identity theft include:

  • Criminal Identity Theft: using another individual’s identity when arrested for a crime.
  • Medical Identity Theft: using another individual’s identity to get prescriptions and/or medical care.
  • Financial Identity Theft: using another individual’s identity to obtain goods, services, and/or credit.
  • Identity Cloning: assuming another individual’s identifying information to assume their identity in everyday life.

Identity Theft Penalties

Identity theft may be prosecuted in state court as either a misdemeanor or a felony. If convicted of the charge, a person may serve up to 3 years in prison, pay a large fine, and pay restitution to the victim. In federal court the potential penalties may be much greater.

How David A. Stein Can You Help You With an Identity Theft Charge

It is vital to have experienced and aggressive legal representation to protect you when faced with an investigation or criminal prosecution for identity theft. These crimes are often aggressively prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Office and the United States Attorney.

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