Child Pornography Defense Attorney

Child Pornography Defense Attorney

Possession or distribution of child pornography is one of the most heavily prosecuted sex crimes in Orange County and its surrounding regions. Because the charge involves the endangerment and exploitation of children, the penalties can be incredibly steep. If convicted of the crime, in addition to fines and prison, there is also a social stigma that can influence every area of your life, even if you were falsely accused. If you have been arrested for child pornography charges in California, you need to know your rights and how to properly defend them. That’s why we recommend working with a qualified legal team.

Your legal rights

There are strategies a child pornography defense attorney may use to protect your legal rights. If the charge is wrongful, their defense will likely rely on proving your innocence and exposing the truth of the situation. They may also argue that evidence was collected using improper or illegal means, making it inadmissible in a court of law. Furthermore, your lawyer may assert that the content in your possession does not qualify as child pornography due to the age of the performers or the nature of the content. In severe cases, an attorney and defendant may claim psychological addiction to explain the offense, which could result in a counseling order rather than a prison sentence. Regardless of the specific situation, be sure to have your attorney present before making any statements to any law authorities.

The right representation in your case

Accusations of sexual misconduct are serious and require special attention and training. You want a lawyer who is experienced in child pornography defense strategies and understands your unique situation. Not sure if your local lawyer is the right fit for you? Book a consultation today to see if you have found the most suitable lawyer.

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