Teacher Charged with Sex Abuse

A 57-year-old former Los Angeles Unified School District teacher has been ordered to be tried on 14 charges of sexually assaulting nine students and a relative. According to The Daily Pilot, a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge ruled that the former teacher must stand trial on charges of continuous sexual abuse and molestation. He was arrested after allegations that he had inappropriately touched several fourth-grade female students. Officials believe that his alleged abuse of children at George De La Torre Elementary School begun back in 2002.

This case is one of several involving teachers within the Los Angeles Unified School District. In January 2012, a Miramonte Elementary School teacher was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting students in class.  A recent audit showed that the district failed to promptly report 150 cases of suspected teacher misconduct. In light of these events, teachers should expect increased scrutiny.

Child molestation is the act of making unwanted and indecent advances to a minor for sexual gratification. Any type of sexual advance or contact made with a child can result in criminal charges. The mere allegation of a child molestation crime comes with severe consequences. It is common for teachers, care providers, and others tasked with supervising children to face suspension or termination from their place of employment after being accused of molestation or abuse.

These complicated cases are often based on little more than the words of the victim. It is important to examine if there is any actual physical evidence of wrongdoing. If you or a loved one has been charged with molestation or abuse, seek the counsel of an experienced criminal defense attorney who has a history of successfully fighting sex crime charges in Orange County.

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