Proposition 47 Gives Some Juveniles A Second Chance

Juvenile Crime Down in Orange County

According to a recent Los Angeles Times article, a 15 year old San Diego youth named Alejandro was arrested for attempting to steal three bottles of vodka and a bag of potato chips from a neighborhood pharmacy. Because the crime was determined to be a Commercial Burglary, a felony, the youth was sentenced for up to three years in juvenile detention.

Fortunately for Alejandro, Prop. 47 was passed into California law in 2014. In an attempt to alleviate statewide prison overcrowding, certain nonviolent offenses like drug possession and petty theft were reclassified as misdemeanors rather than felonies. In Alejandro’s case, the merchandise he stole had a value of less than $950, reducing the charge to misdemeanor shoplifting, which carries a maximum sentence of eight months in juvenile hall. Thanks to Prop. 47, along with a good public defender and an understanding judge, Alejandro was released from jail after only serving one year and is now free to resume his journey to adulthood.

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