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Do not plead guilty to DUI without first consulting an experienced attorney.

If you have been arrested for DUI in Orange County, the DMV will immediately take steps to suspend your license. It is therefore critical that you have a skillful attorney to help shield you from unnecessary legal punishment and DMV actions. One DUI conviction can have a significant effect on your financial future, impacting both your job and DMV record and causing an incurrence of fines, fees, and insurance rate increases.

DUI Penalties in Orange County

The State of California imposes strict penalties for those found guilty of DUI. The consequences of a conviction will vary based on the factors in the case and whether the defendant has any prior convictions. Penalties may increase with each conviction or any past DUI incident that caused harm to others. Nevertheless, even a first-time drunk driving conviction can lead to serious punishment.

For a first-time DUI conviction, a person can spend up to six months in jail, pay thousands of dollars in fines, attend a DUI school up to nine months in length and have their license suspended for up to a year. Additionally, the DMV may require the installation of an ignition interlock device in his or her vehicle.

Having one or more prior DUI convictions, within 10 years of the current arrest, may increase each of these penalties, including adding substantial jail time.

California drivers are subject to an implied consent law. This means that as a driver in the state of California, you have already agreed to take a blood alcohol content (BAC) test if asked by a police officer. Refusal to submit to a BAC test can be punished by a one-year license suspension. This punishment increases to two years for the second offense and three years for the third.

Dismissed / Reduced Charges or Alternative Sentencing

DUI arrests and charges are based on a police investigation as well as the results of breath or blood alcohol test. However, with the right representation, the results of these tests need not result in a DUI conviction.

At the Law Offices of David A. Stein, our goal is to have the charges against you dismissed or reduced. Even in cases where a client’s charges cannot be dismissed or reduced, the Law Offices of David A. Stein always fights to minimize the impact of a DUI conviction. Frequently, we are able to negotiate alternative sentencing, consisting of rehabilitation programs, home confinement or community service in lieu of jail time. This alternative sentencing may also prevent a DUI from negatively impacting your employment.

How David Stein Can Defend You in a DUI Charge

Starting with a free consultation, David Stein works directly with you. He will immediately act upon the charges filed against you by contacting prosecutors, crafting strategies for defending your case, advising you on the best position to take, and discussing all possible penalty options. Mr. Stein is available to clients 24 hours a day.

The Law Office of David A. Stein knows how to achieve the most beneficial results in Orange County courts. We have extensive experience in defending clients accused of a DUI offense. First, we will examine each of the facts in your case, including the initial stop or police contact that led to the arrest, the officer’s claim of probable cause, and the validity of the sobriety tests administered.

Mr. Stein has the experience, track record, and relationships with prosecutors and judges to help you successfully navigate the DUI court process and DMV hearings. He will evaluate every fact and circumstance of your case so that he can present the strongest possible defense, ensuring that you receive fair treatment and justice.

Mr. Stein expertly handles:

  • First-time DUIs
  • DUIs with prior convictions
  • Felony DUIs
  • Underage DUIs
  • Drug/Marijuana DUIs
  • DMV Hearings

The Law Office of David A. Stein is located in Irvine and serves all surrounding cities and the courts in Westminster, Santa Ana, Fullerton, Newport Beach, and Orange.

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