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Minor Accused of a Sex Crime

The last thing any parent wants to hear is how their son or daughter has been arrested for a crime. No matter what the circumstance, it is both a terrifying and infuriating situation that forces you, as the parent, into a difficult position. But what happens when the crime in question is of a sexual nature? Then the difficulty is magnified considerably.

Whenever an individual, whether they are a minor or not, is deemed too have committed a sexual assault they are generally vilified in the media overnight. While this can have long lasting effects on an adult, the effects on a child can be nothing short of crushing. At one point they were attending school and considering college, now they must register as a sex offender and spend time behind bars.

If your son or daughter is facing similar charges, it is imperative that you get the help you need and quickly. Call the Law Offices of David A. Stein today and speak with our juvenile crime attorneys in a free and confidential consultation. We have the experience to defend children in court. We know what is at stake with such charges and we know how to properly defend your child against them. Call today and schedule an appointment. Then number to call is (949) 445-0040. Or submit your information online and a representative will be in touch with your family shortly.

Don’t delay. Once sexual assault charges are affixed to a person, the court of popular opinion won’t be the only problem they face. Despite the fact that your son or daughter is underage and therefore automatically unable to make adult decisions, California state prosecutors and courts will do everything in their power to treat them as adults. You will need to act quickly to help your child avoid some of the following complications:

  • Loss of educational and employment opportunities
  • Loss of rights and privileges
  • Register as a sex offender
  • Penalties and fines
  • Jail time

Can my Child be Tried as an Adult?

Unfortunately, in the state of California, if a crime is deemed to be severe enough and the child found to be competent enough, they could be tried as an adult and face sex offender status. But this ultimately depends upon the mitigating and aggravating circumstances in which your son or daughter was arrested. The following are just some of the charges your child could face if they are charged as an adult:

  • Assault to commit rape, sodomy, or oral copulation (Penal Code 220)
  • Rape (Penal Code 261)
  • Forcible sex in concert with another (Penal Code 264.1)
  • Induce intercourse/sex acts by false representation with intent to create fear (Penal Code 266)
  • Sodomy or oral copulation by force, violence or threat of great bodily injury or retaliation (Penal Code 286)

Understanding And Aggressive Defense

Don’t wait another minute. Call the Law Offices of David A. Stein today and get the representation your son or daughter needs to preserve their future. Call our office today and schedule an appointment at (949) 445-0040.

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