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About Juvenile Drug Offenses

The mistakes a juvenile makes because of poor judgment or peer pressure should not impact his or her whole future. Generally, the court distinguishes juveniles from adults and penalties for juvenile offenses, such as drug possession, are geared more toward treatment rather than incarceration and punishment. However, if a juvenile drug crime charge involves aggravated circumstances, such as violence or gang involvement, then he or she may not be spared from severe criminal penalties, which could adversely affect his or her chances at a normal, successful life.

If your child is currently facing drug crime charges, please seek out an experienced Orange County juvenile defense attorney. The lawyers at the Law Offices of David A. Stein have the experience and knowledge to employ effective defense strategies that may secure a favorable verdict for your child. For answers to any inquiries about your specific case, call our office at (949) 445-0040 and receive a free consultation.

What are the More Severe Penalties for Juvenile Drug Crimes?

Since juveniles do not have the same judgmental capabilities as adults, the juvenile court system should impose rulings that focus on rehabilitation. However, in recent years, more and more juvenile crime cases have been met with stiffer penalties, including the following:

  • Juvenile hall
  • Camp placement
  • Youth authority (the equivalent of a prison for minors)

Although these institutions are separate from those reserved for adult criminals, they are still undesirable places for a child to be in. David A. Stein and his associates will fight aggressively for your child in court so they can avoid incarceration of any sort.

What are Alternative Penalties for Juvenile Drug Crimes?

The juvenile court system offers a much wider range of alternative sentencing options than the criminal justice system. Even if your child has committed a serious drug crime with aggravating factors, our aggressive attorneys may be able to negotiate one or more of the following sentencing options:


If a minor’s criminal offense stemmed from a drug problem, he or she may be given mandatory drug counseling in lieu of other penalties in hope that he or she receives the help needed for reform.


The court may order the child to comply with very specific terms to fulfill his or her probation, such as mandatory school attendance, employment, counseling, community service, or other requirements. The juvenile may also be ordered to periodically report to a juvenile officer. Typically, probation lasts for at least six months, but longer probation terms may be applied.


Also known as pretrial diversion or informal probation, diversion is commonly prescribed for juvenile drug offenders. Diversion is much like probation, except much less formal. A juvenile is given a diversion program that involves specific measures he or she must fulfill in order to avoid court procedures and criminal charges. First-time offenders are usually given, but not guaranteed, diversion in place of more significant penalties.

Detention is the most undesirable outcome for a juvenile drug crime case. Our legal team will do their best to prevent such a penalty from being passed down to your child.

An Experienced Southern California Juvenile Defense Attorney

Let the Law Offices of David A. Stein provide you and your child with quality legal representation, and we will use the full scope of our skills and knowledge in juvenile law to minimize the effects of the charge. We may even be able to expunge any resultant criminal history from your child’s record and essentially give him or her a clean slate for the future. Contact us today to have us evaluate your child’s case.

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