Fighting domestic violence charges

Fighting domestic violence charges

Domestic violence, also called “domestic abuse” or “intimate partner violence,” is a serious issue in the United States. It is also a criminal offense and is illegal in the state of California. Since domestic violence is a broad term for the act of violence, abuse, or harassment against a person in a kind of intimate relationship, the penalties for domestic violence charges range from misdemeanor to felony violence crimes.

Fighting domestic violence chargesA situation that involves a charge of domestic violence is complex. Cops take allegations of domestic abuse seriously, and arrests are mandatory in California. A simple call to 911 may lead to an arrest for any type of domestic disturbance, even minor acts such as shoving or pulling hair. Depending on the seriousness of the charges, you could face a restraining order, fines, or a prison sentence. If convicted, your job, career, reputation, and relationships will be in jeopardy.

If you have been arrested on a charge of domestic violence, you need the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. They will determine if the charges against you are appropriate and will fight to protect your rights.

Gathering evidence

The first step in building a defense against a domestic violence charge relies on gathering supporting evidence. Social media posts, texts, emails, voicemail recordings, and pictures are just some of the records that can be used in your defense. Once the evidence is collected and examined, interviews with both the alleged victim and every possible witness will be conducted. Oftentimes, inconsistencies in personal accounts of events will be found, and attorneys can use those to weaken the prosecution’s case.

In all criminal cases, the burden of proof is on the accuser, and domestic violence cases are no different. A prosecutor must demonstrate that there is enough evidence of domestic violence for the defendant to be prosecuted. A charge of domestic violence may not always result in a conviction. It is vital to have an Orange County criminal defense attorney like David A. Stein on your side from the beginning. From evaluating the police report, to preparing the best defense strategy, we will guide you through the process and argue on your behalf.

You have rights

Has your spouse or partner accused you of domestic violence? Do they have a history of making false allegations? Regardless of whether your charge is because of retribution, a false accusation or even self-defense, you have the right to qualified representation. You shouldn’t have to live with the stigma of being charged with domestic violence.

Attorney David A. Stein is a domestic violence defense lawyer who will advocate for your rights. He will investigate the evidence of your case thoroughly, and work to have the charges against you reduced or your case dismissed. Call or email us today for a confidential no-cost evaluation of your case. Make sure your side of the story is heard. The longer you wait, the less time there is to build a domestic violence defense.

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