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What Constitutes a Drug Manufacturing Charge in California?

Police can arrest you for manufacturing drugs such as crystal methamphetamine, cocaine, or chemical precursors that are required to manufacture other illegal narcotics. It is also illegal to plant or cultivate marijuana plants without a license, even if the marijuana is intended for personal use only.

What Determines The Length Of A Prison Sentence And The Severity Of The Punishment?

A felony such as manufacturing cannabis to sell can merit a jail sentence of up to four years. However, the conduct and status of the offender can lead to enhanced punishment. For instance, if you’ve been arrested previously on felony charges, you could face harsher penalties pursuant to California’s Three Strikes law.

Are There Alternatives To Jail For California Drug Manufacturing Offenders?

In some cases, offenders can opt for rehabilitation and treatment over prison time per California’s Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act (also known as Proposition 36). In other cases, defendants can plead guilty through what’s known as a deferred entry to judgment, or they can undergo a supervision and treatment program.

How Can I Defend Myself Actively Against Drug Manufacturing Charges?

A top drug crime defense attorney in Orange County, like David A. Stein, can develop a grounded strategy for you. Attorney David Stein has earned the respect of legal peers (including prosecutors and judges). Contact the Law Offices of David A. Stein today at 949) 445-0040 to get a complementary, confidential assessment of your drug case.

Can I Be Charged With The Crime Of Manufacturing Drugs If I Was Not Caught In The Act?

Yes. The police can arrest you based on inference. For instance, if cops discover your lab or drug making instruments on your person, or if an informant tips off the police as to your activities, then officers may have probable cause to place you under arrest.

What Kind Of Punishment Will I Get If I’m Convicted Of A Drug Manufacturing Felony In California?

The answer depends on the circumstances of the arrest, your prior criminal history, the nature of the drug making operation, and whether you’ve been charged with other counts, like assault, theft, or resisting arrest in the past.

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