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Ecstasy, GHB, Katamine, Rohypnol Charges

What was supposed to be a fun night on the town has quickly spiraled out of control. After a routine traffic stop, police have arrested you claiming that you have an unspecified amount of E, GHB, Ketamine, or Rohypnol. Now you’ve been booked on suspicion of drug possession, among other things! If you plan to beat the charges and clear your name you are going to need an experienced and knowledgeable Orange County criminal defense team. Call the Law Offices of David A. Stein today and discover the options you have available. We have been defending those accused of possession of “club drugs” for years and we know what it takes to build a successful case on your behalf.

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Don’t delay. Law enforcement in Southern California is particularly tough on drug crimes and will do everything they can to secure a conviction even if it is outside the boundaries of good police work. While you may have been arrested, and evidence was found on your person, this does not make you automatically guilty. You have the right to a fair trial no matter how airtight the state’s case may sound or appear. Remember it is up to the prosecution to prove without a shadow of a doubt that you are guilty. This means the onus is on them and we will use that to our advantage. Call our office as soon as possible and together we can plan a strategy to help you avoid:

  • Loss of certain rights and privileges
  • Permanent mark on your record
  • Loss of employment
  • Penalties and fines
  • Jail time

The number to call is (949) 445-0040. Call now and get the help you need to effectively defend your name.

What is a “club drug”?

  • Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA): Otherwise known as Ecstasy or E, this amphetamine-based, hallucinogenic type drug allows people to engage in energetic activities, such as dancing, for a long period of time.
  • Gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB): Otherwise known as G, this sedative can give users an enhanced feeling of euphoria. Used in concert with alcohol it can quickly knock an individual out.
  • Ketamine: Most commonly referred to as Special K, Ketamine is a type of anesthetic often used in veterinarian hospitals. It creates a hallucinatory experience for the user and can be smoked or directly ingested.

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