Arrest Warrants and Bench Warrants

Arrest Warrants and Bench Warrants

If there is currently a warrant out for your arrest, by either an Orange County judge or law enforcement agency, it is imperative that you speak with the dedicated attorneys at the Law Offices of David A. Stein immediately. Warrants do not go away until they are dealt with and depending on the severity of the crime for which it was issued, you are only compounding an already difficult situation. Attorney David A. Stein and his criminal defense team can help you tackle the charges head on and perhaps even clear them before you even step in a court room – but only if you act quickly.

Warrants, either bench or arrest, can lead to serious fines and jail time depending on the aggravating factors involved. It is up to you to decide how you will deal with them but you do not have to do it alone. Whether you are wanted for unpaid speeding tickets, failure to appear before a judge, or felony charges – our years of trial experience and reputation for success throughout Southern California is your best chance at a successful outcome.

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What is a Bench Warrant?

When something is handed down from “the bench” in the legal sense, it comes directly from a judge. A bench warrant is essentially an arrest order given to authorities by a particular judge. There are a number of reasons you could be “in contempt of court”:

  • Failure to show up on your assigned court date
  • Failure to pay a fine
  • Failure to adhere to a strict court order

This does not necessarily mean the authorities will be tracking you down that evening. However, your information will be held in a state-wide database that every police officer has access to. Should you be pulled over for a routine stop or have to deal with the police in any regard your warrant will be at their fingertips.

It is important to note that, depending on the degree of your previous charges, a bench warrant can potentially result in a suspension of your driver’s license, enhanced fines, additional jail time and a violation of one’s probation. Therefore, if you believe there is a warrant out for your arrest, do not wait for the police to find you – even by accident. Contact a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible and receive the representation you need.

What is an Arrest Warrant?

If police investigators or any kind of law enforcement group believe you to be guilty of a crime or currently involved in a criminal act, a warrant can be put out for your arrest. This is by no means an easy thing to accomplish; if a warrant has been successfully issued in your name, this means law enforcement has compiled the following information:

  • Compelling evidence against you, that includes a strong probable cause presented by the District Attorney’s Office, police detective or other agent of the law.
  • Following a Grand Jury review, if probable cause is determined and there is sufficient evidence the judge may issue a warrant.

What Should I do if there is a Warrant Out For Me?

Depending on the circumstances, and the severity of your crime, it is recommended that you speak with a dedicated criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Bench and arrest warrants can be delivered at home, at a routine traffic stop, or worse, at your place of business. Any one of these situations can cause undue stress and personal embarrassment on top of the punishment that follows. It is best to get ahead of the situation and face it head on before waiting another day.

Most courts will look favorably upon your decision to hire legal counsel and turn yourself over. Contact the Law Offices of David A. Stein today to discuss your options. We have years of experience helping many people just like you remove the burden of a warrant and move on with their lives.

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